The Latte Factor

The Latte Factor: Getting Rich by Cutting Out Coffee (Not!)

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The Latte Factor & The 3 “Secrets” of Financial Independence

The FI community curses the latte factor as a reason for not being rich. Also, many discuss the latte factor without the underlying concepts mentioned. Thus, the latte factor is an example of a daily expense that grows exponentially when invested.

Through a third-person narrative, Bach mentions 3 “secrets” to financial independence. These secrets are paying yourself first, making it automatic, and living a rich life now.

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structure and flexibility on a desk

Adding Structure and Flexibility Into Goals, Routines, & Systems

Structure and Flexibility In My Personal Life

There are a few different ways that I add structure and flexibility into my daily habits. The daily outline I made up for myself has ample downtime as well. Time for work, socializing, my relationships, and fun are all considered. It is not a “schedule.” This outline allows me to be more open to changes in my daily life.

I also use a certain vocabulary with myself to stay on track of progress. For example, I have an eating plan rather than a diet. I use a spending plan instead of a budget. The path to retirement is a journey, not a plan. My career is a path, rather than a ladder. My mindset is that of a student, always growing and learning. Practicing mindfulness meditation rather than trying to not think or stop thoughts, is how I meditate.

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Relaxing By A Fire

Living an Intentional Life On Your Terms


The power of intentionality, is nothing short of amazing. In my opinion it is the key to happiness. Live an intentional life focused on your core values & beliefs and be happy.

 Almost anything can be seen as negative, an obstacle, nothing ever going according to plan. This line of thinking can lead to a vicious spiral of negativity. A surefire way to remain in a cycle of unhappiness, and unfulfillment. There is always something in life to be grateful and always something to be sad about. Mindset is a powerful control.

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