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Matt D’Avella is a YouTuber who also directed the Minimalist’s first documentary. He recently posted a video I watched titled “Is Minimalism Dead?” I wanted to share my thoughts on the video. Minimalism As a Trend and Buzzword Matt comments on how the idea of Minimalism became a trending buzzword. Perhaps around the time, the documentary came out. He further discusses the life cycle of trends. Matt quotes Malcolm Gladwell how trends start and stop. Discussing the rules of trends, Matt ties in how Minimalism came into the trending life cycle. Matt concludes the video with his thoughts on Minimalism being a long-term trend that will eventually come back and sustain itself. How living an intentional life will be a trend, with rampant consumerism and everyone looking to live happier and more fulfilled lives.  Am I a Minimalist? Is My Partner? I identify with many labels. Minimalist is one of…

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Due to the pandemic, I only made one short traveling adventure this year. Below are a few pics I took from the plane.

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