Extraordinary Life: Coffee

The Difference Between Ordinary And Extraordinary Is That Little Extra Waiting, (training video) That Little “Extra” This quote comes from the movie “Waiting” (or at least where I pulled it from as that is where I first heard it). Yes, the quote is cheesy, but also true. Quality comes from just a bit of extra effort put in. Cooking with just a bit more spice and a watchful eye has elevated my recipes. Find high-quality ingredients. Practice writing and use tools and tips to create quality content. Perform an act of kindness to elevate your day. Extraordinary Life & Cooking My grocery budget has been the same for years but I buy less and less. Buying high-quality ingredients is one thing I value. Tasty food is important, but what I use to fuel my body is more important than great taste. But those things aren’t mutually exclusive. My partner and…

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The Latte Factor

The Latte Factor & The 3 “Secrets” of Financial Independence

The FI community curses the latte factor as a reason for not being rich. Also, many discuss the latte factor without the underlying concepts mentioned. Thus, the latte factor is an example of a daily expense that grows exponentially when invested.

Through a third-person narrative, Bach mentions 3 “secrets” to financial independence. These secrets are paying yourself first, making it automatic, and living a rich life now.

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