An Extraordinary Life on An Ordinary Income Pt3 - Minimalism & Simplifying

Minimize, Simplify, Downsize I don’t use a microwave. There are many reasons (or conspiracy theories possible) why I don’t use a microwave. But the biggest reason is space. My microwave takes up too much space. I’d rather heat leftovers (or anything else) on the stove or in the oven. I only have 3 skillets and a saucepan, as well as a few other cookware items. Yes, this means constantly doing more dishes, but I find it worth the tradeoff. Meal prepping and eating the same food several times a week even eliminates the need for a microwave as well. I don’t have a couch as well. Furniture isn’t very important to me. I don’t have tables or chairs, or even a proper dresser. Living in a smaller space, furniture takes up too much space for a necessary function. Multitasking Is for Items, Not People I learned, at least partially, how…

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Couple Struggling in Trunk of Car

Unexpected Obstacles and Spoiled Life Plans My partner and I have struggled during 2020 and 2021. We have faced obstacles we could never imagine. Long-distance relationships are difficult by themselves. Add in a global pandemic that dampers traveling, a few life plans that fell through, and some overbearing health challenges, and it’s a recipe for struggling.  Our mantra throughout the pandemic has been we will make an extraordinary life from an ordinary income. With the struggles of the past year and a half, this mantra has become extra important. We have both had unexpected obstacles, to say the least. Been forced to expand our creativity and grow outside our comfort zone. Learning new skills has become essential to survival. The Lifesaving Support System Luckily, we have found strength in our support systems. A subset of Personal Finance Twitter, I have dubbed Compassionate Personal Finance. There are so many great people…

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Extraordinary Life: Coffee

The Difference Between Ordinary And Extraordinary Is That Little Extra Waiting, (training video) That Little “Extra” This quote comes from the movie “Waiting” (or at least where I pulled it from as that is where I first heard it). Yes, the quote is cheesy, but also true. Quality comes from just a bit of extra effort put in. Cooking with just a bit more spice and a watchful eye has elevated my recipes. Find high-quality ingredients. Practice writing and use tools and tips to create quality content. Perform an act of kindness to elevate your day. Extraordinary Life & Cooking My grocery budget has been the same for years but I buy less and less. Buying high-quality ingredients is one thing I value. Tasty food is important, but what I use to fuel my body is more important than great taste. But those things aren’t mutually exclusive. My partner and…

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