Black and White Change Jars

Sometimes the cheapest option isn’t always the best. This can be especially true if you are working with a lower or middle level of income. In fact, as I work on my financial independence journey I find myself spending more money on fewer items. Moving towards purposeful minimalism because I want less waste, higher quality, more freedom, and less clutter. I want to be able to pack up and go if I want to. I find myself looking for more items that serve multiple purposes.  The 3 options: Budget, Midline, & High Quality + Value For Price  I got this idea from Building a PC for Dummies by Mark Chambers. Mark breaks down 3 possible types of computers to build based on your wants and needs. There is the bare bones (budget) computer that is enough for basic computing, spreadsheets, internet surfing, etc. Next is the “Richie Cunningham” I believe…

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