Automating Finance Systems and Goals With Checks and Balances

Forced Checks and Balances: Bank Acquisitions About a month ago, I had to migrate from my old checking account to a new checking out. Due to the free checking account being transitioned, I lost my favorite budgeting tools. I decided to keep the new account since the account numbers would not change. I also looked at the “financial tools” that would be offered, but when implemented they were quite lackluster. Last week I did a revamp of how I handle my checking and cash flows. I took advantage of other savings and checking accounts I have. Free accounts sometimes have some useful tools) and I like the idea of “buckets.” No other bank has the buckets as my old checking account had. I’ve decided to start using my secondary checking account for rent since it offers free paper checks. Unfortunately, my rent at the time can’t be paid online. Only…

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structure and flexibility on a desk

Structure and Flexibility In My Personal Life

There are a few different ways that I add structure and flexibility into my daily habits. The daily outline I made up for myself has ample downtime as well. Time for work, socializing, my relationships, and fun are all considered. It is not a “schedule.” This outline allows me to be more open to changes in my daily life.

I also use a certain vocabulary with myself to stay on track of progress. For example, I have an eating plan rather than a diet. I use a spending plan instead of a budget. The path to retirement is a journey, not a plan. My career is a path, rather than a ladder. My mindset is that of a student, always growing and learning. Practicing mindfulness meditation rather than trying to not think or stop thoughts, is how I meditate.

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