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I stumbled across Accidental Fire’s article “My Financial Independence Diet” and decided to share my FI diet as well. We have very similar viewpoints and commonalities that helped us both lose over 50 lbs. I’ve been seeing a lot of mention of those on the personal finance side of Twitter changing up their diets and wanted to share things that have helped me in my journey to financial independence and a healthier lifestyle. Cost of Food at The Cost of Your Health? I always cringe when I see someone sharing an article of “50 ways to save on groceries.” Well, you can have a “ramen” budget that comes at the cost of a “champagne” healthcare expense budget (most likely). Like Accidental Fire, I “try” not to be dogmatic, but most of us know what is unhealthy but continue to eat it. But this isn’t about shaming those who do. If…

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