Initial Reactions: That Price Tag Scares Me I recently finished my free 34-day trial with YNAB. One of YNAB’s differentiating features is standing out from other free trials. YNAB allows new users to try the software for a full month (not just 30 days) plus a little extra. Just one of the few things that set YNAB apart from other software and budgeting tools.  Although I knew of the free trial, I was still skeptical about spending time using a budgeting software I might like and having to pay for it. For those who follow me or know my story, know that I am not a high income earlier. I have to be mindful of every dollar coming in and going out.  A friend of mine from our local independence group swears by YNAB and has been using the software for years. He’s recommended it to me on numerous occasions,…

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Rotten Banana

Back in 2019 artist Maurizio Cattelan sold an art piece. The piece, titled “The Comedian” sold for $120,000. The piece was a banana duct-taped to a wall. Consequently, this bullshit banana sold for $120,000. “Some believe the piece is mocking the art world and its inequalities. But others simply say — don’t overthink it.” Overthinking is something I do naturally. In fact, it was the next thing Miranda (@MMarquit), Michelle (@MichLovesMoney), and I talked about. Don’t overthink it. Just give it a try. Create your own bullshit banana. Two Different Muscles: Cutting Expenses vs. Earning More Money  “Paying off debt is a muscle. Earning more money is a muscle.” But they are two completely different muscles. Michelle teaches me how to level up from personal finance enthusiast to expert. The discussion evolves into some creative coaching ideas focusing on my skillset. She gives two or three ideas on products to…

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Back to the Basics of Personal Finance

In late 2020, I’m going back to Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 1 of basic personal finance. That first step is a $1,000 emergency fund. I have to rebuild the emergency fund. My current recklessness just cost me a couple of hundred dollars. Since I need to build back up that few hundred dollars I thought I would create a basic personal finance post.

Practice, Practice, Practice

 Why? Star athletes practice constantly. Coaches emphasize the importance of fundamentals. I’ve slowly noticed I’ve become a bit arrogant about finances and need a bit of a reality check. Maybe it might help others; maybe it will get other people on board. Let’s just see where it takes us.

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