Initial Reactions: That Price Tag Scares Me I recently finished my free 34-day trial with YNAB. One of YNAB’s differentiating features is standing out from other free trials. YNAB allows new users to try the software for a full month (not just 30 days) plus a little extra. Just one of the few things that set YNAB apart from other software and budgeting tools.  Although I knew of the free trial, I was still skeptical about spending time using a budgeting software I might like and having to pay for it. For those who follow me or know my story, know that I am not a high income earlier. I have to be mindful of every dollar coming in and going out.  A friend of mine from our local independence group swears by YNAB and has been using the software for years. He’s recommended it to me on numerous occasions,…

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