Initial Reactions: That Price Tag Scares Me I recently finished my free 34-day trial with YNAB. One of YNAB’s differentiating features is standing out from other free trials. YNAB allows new users to try the software for a full month (not just 30 days) plus a little extra. Just one of the few things that set YNAB apart from other software and budgeting tools.  Although I knew of the free trial, I was still skeptical about spending time using a budgeting software I might like and having to pay for it. For those who follow me or know my story, know that I am not a high income earlier. I have to be mindful of every dollar coming in and going out.  A friend of mine from our local independence group swears by YNAB and has been using the software for years. He’s recommended it to me on numerous occasions,…

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Pantry Staples

Stockpiling On A Budget: Prior Planning Creating a plan while stockpiling on a budget will help optimize your preparedness. My tips for this, besides plan ahead, are; catch sales when you receive an income windfall, optimize gift cards, split a Costco/Sam’s club membership and bulk items if you can, and purchase by unit price (but what won’t expire). Having this plan helps keep my anxiety at bay and be ready for an emergency, even as a minimalist. Meat And Eggs Canned fish is high in nutrients like protein and stores for long periods of time. Avoid heavy metals by buying skipjack or chunk light tuna (and smaller fishes) in pouches rather than canned. Small farms and cooperatives offer large amounts of meat at discounts. Quarter and half animals are often available at a less expensive price per pound. Animals raised on smaller farms often are less toxic and contain higher…

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The Latte Factor

The Latte Factor & The 3 “Secrets” of Financial Independence

The FI community curses the latte factor as a reason for not being rich. Also, many discuss the latte factor without the underlying concepts mentioned. Thus, the latte factor is an example of a daily expense that grows exponentially when invested.

Through a third-person narrative, Bach mentions 3 “secrets” to financial independence. These secrets are paying yourself first, making it automatic, and living a rich life now.

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