anxiety and acheivement

The Elementary Years Ever since I can remember I’ve had severe anxiety. Even in Kindergarten, I remember being nervous about meeting my new teacher and the first day of school. But I’ve also always sought out achievement. I can remember after thirty-some years asking in Kindergarten why I never went to preschool. My parents always told me I didn’t go to preschool because I didn’t need it.  The High School Years I remember going to schedule classes for my freshman year. Again I was anxious about starting high school. When I went to schedule my classes I remember being required to sign up for college prep classes. I didn’t want to take college prep classes. I wanted to take the easy route. But this went against my need for achievement I don’t recall much about high school and achievement other than outside of high school, my scouting career, which I…

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structure and flexibility on a desk

Structure and Flexibility In My Personal Life

There are a few different ways that I add structure and flexibility into my daily habits. The daily outline I made up for myself has ample downtime as well. Time for work, socializing, my relationships, and fun are all considered. It is not a “schedule.” This outline allows me to be more open to changes in my daily life.

I also use a certain vocabulary with myself to stay on track of progress. For example, I have an eating plan rather than a diet. I use a spending plan instead of a budget. The path to retirement is a journey, not a plan. My career is a path, rather than a ladder. My mindset is that of a student, always growing and learning. Practicing mindfulness meditation rather than trying to not think or stop thoughts, is how I meditate.

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Self-care sitting on a dock

Self-Care and Mental Health       

Self-care is being talked about a lot these days. With the addition of people being more open about their mental health issues, the topic of self-care comes up frequently. Several members of my Twitter circle have mentioned ADHD, my best friend has a blog about Bi-polar and I’m open and honest with people about my anxiety.

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