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The Swedish Coffee Break & Social Chat: Fika Fika, Siesta, Coffee Break, Smoke Break, Nap. Whatever or however you take it, make sure you take it daily. I don’t necessarily condone the smoking part of a smoke break but to each their own. What is Fika? Fika, I recently learned is a Swedish word for a coffee and pastry break. Not just a coffee and pastry break though. It’s a word for a social break with coffee and pastry included. Fika is so important in Swedish culture it often occurs twice a day even at Volvo. Siesta/Nap or Fiesta? Both Sound Good to Me You may have heard of a siesta, or short afternoon nap, in many cultures. Blogger and Twitter friend @apurplelifeblog boasts that naps and rest are the keys to creativity I even posted that in 2021 I would rest to increase my creativity. (For the joke of…

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4 People Hugging

This past weekend (June 2021 as of this writing) Twitter granted me an opportunity. I got to hang out with the Financial Community’s number one superfan. If you don’t follow Josh Overmyer (@jovermyer1) on Twitter I highly suggest you do. Josh is well-loved and respected in the financial independence community and for good reason. I also hung out with Kristy (@KristyLKnapp) and her husband and son from and Brent (@thefoodtruckCEO) (link to his episode on bigger pockets money episode PT 1). You’ve Arrived At Your Destination Since Brent and I are from the same relative area I had the privilege of trying his delicious pizza before. It exceeded expectations, to say the least, the first time. I arrived a little bit early and Josh was already chatting with Brent and the organizer of the event (a small, free “concert” from an upcoming Nashville musician). Kristy and her family were…

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Automating Finance Systems and Goals With Checks and Balances

Forced Checks and Balances: Bank Acquisitions About a month ago, I had to migrate from my old checking account to a new checking out. Due to the free checking account being transitioned, I lost my favorite budgeting tools. I decided to keep the new account since the account numbers would not change. I also looked at the “financial tools” that would be offered, but when implemented they were quite lackluster. Last week I did a revamp of how I handle my checking and cash flows. I took advantage of other savings and checking accounts I have. Free accounts sometimes have some useful tools) and I like the idea of “buckets.” No other bank has the buckets as my old checking account had. I’ve decided to start using my secondary checking account for rent since it offers free paper checks. Unfortunately, my rent at the time can’t be paid online. Only…

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