Back to Basics: Basic Personal Finance

Back to the Basics of Personal Finance

In late 2020, I’m going back to Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 1 of basic personal finance. That first step is a $1,000 emergency fund. I have to rebuild the emergency fund. My current recklessness just cost me a couple of hundred dollars. Since I need to build back up that few hundred dollars I thought I would create a basic personal finance post.

Practice, Practice, Practice

 Why? Star athletes practice constantly. Coaches emphasize the importance of fundamentals. I’ve slowly noticed I’ve become a bit arrogant about finances and need a bit of a reality check. Maybe it might help others; maybe it will get other people on board. Let’s just see where it takes us.

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Relaxing By A Fire

Living an Intentional Life On Your Terms


The power of intentionality, is nothing short of amazing. In my opinion it is the key to happiness. Live an intentional life focused on your core values & beliefs and be happy.

 Almost anything can be seen as negative, an obstacle, nothing ever going according to plan. This line of thinking can lead to a vicious spiral of negativity. A surefire way to remain in a cycle of unhappiness, and unfulfillment. There is always something in life to be grateful and always something to be sad about. Mindset is a powerful control.

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Analysis of Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

I decided to watch the first Minimalism Documentary by the Minimalists and write my analysis of my thoughts after watching it a few times and why I seemed to enjoy it so much and how to apply the principles in my life.

Love People and Use Things, The Opposite Never Works.”

-Josh, The Minimalists

Love People, Use Things – Joshua Fields Millburn

Choosing Minimalism

It’s stated in the film that we fill a void in ourselves to buy our way to happiness. We are told to keep buying things from advertising and we keep listening as we are told. But the joy of things eventually wears off, so we upgrade and inflate our lifestyle to try and fill that void of happiness that we believe stuff will bring us. We try to keep up with the Joneses, because we see them happy with their houses, cars, their gigantic pile of stuff. Online shopping gives us access to 24 hour shopping as simple as one click or a few more.

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