Couple Struggling in Trunk of Car

Unexpected Obstacles and Spoiled Life Plans My partner and I have struggled during 2020 and 2021. We have faced obstacles we could never imagine. Long-distance relationships are difficult by themselves. Add in a global pandemic that dampers traveling, a few life plans that fell through, and some overbearing health challenges, and it’s a recipe for struggling.  Our mantra throughout the pandemic has been we will make an extraordinary life from an ordinary income. With the struggles of the past year and a half, this mantra has become extra important. We have both had unexpected obstacles, to say the least. Been forced to expand our creativity and grow outside our comfort zone. Learning new skills has become essential to survival. The Lifesaving Support System Luckily, we have found strength in our support systems. A subset of Personal Finance Twitter, I have dubbed Compassionate Personal Finance. There are so many great people…

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Self-care sitting on a dock

Self-Care and Mental Health       

Self-care is being talked about a lot these days. With the addition of people being more open about their mental health issues, the topic of self-care comes up frequently. Several members of my Twitter circle have mentioned ADHD, my best friend has a blog about Bi-polar and I’m open and honest with people about my anxiety.

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The Theme: Rest and Rebuild, The Origin After recently talking with my partner, I decided that the theme for myself and our relationship would be a time to rest & rebuild. Rest My resting ideas for 2021 are to be more consistent with my meditation goals. Daily meditation for 3 minutes every day. I have an alarm set on my phone to ensure that I do not miss my meditation time. Family & Leisure I also plan to schedule more time for family and leisure. I will call my parents more often, at least once every two weeks to check up and see how they are doing. I will add time to my weekly schedule to binge a few hours of Netflix or play some video games. Not every hour of life has to be optimized for maximum productivity. I will optimize without exhausting myself. Breaks for Mental Health I…

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