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Gluten-Free Budget-Friendly Spaghetti & Meat Sauce

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(This post not sponsored or endorsed by Trader Joe’s, I just happened to go there for other items and picked up a few of these staples).

Spaghetti is quick and easy comfort food we all have come to love. But most spaghetti is not gluten-free and the ones that are, aren’t always cheap or easy to find.

Gluten-Free Budget Spaghetti at Trader Joe’s

My new favorite spaghetti is from Trader Joe’s. It’s organic and has only three ingredients. Organic brown rice, organic quinoa flour & water. They also offer fusilli pasta and you can order both on Amazon if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby (which of course will up the budget for this meal).

**Update I have tried the fusilli pasta mentioned above twice now and I love it! It makes me forget it’s not a “regular” pasta. I get about 4 meals out of it with the same jar of sauce I mention below.

A Bowl of Spaghetti

Gluten-Free Pasta Alternatives

A few alternatives that might be a bit more budget-friendly if you don’t have Trader Joe’s nearby, but still want minimal ingredients and gluten-free you can try chickpea pasta, hearts of palm (lower carb for those looking for a Keto-friendly alternative), or Shirataki noodles (also Keto friendly). However, I prefer to use shirataki noodles for stir fry noodles. The Trader Joe’s spaghetti mentioned earlier also works well for stir fry. I’ve also had the gluten-free budget pasta from Taste Republic, which I was fortunate to find at Walmart a couple of times.

Finding the Right Sauce

I decided to pair the spaghetti with Trader Joe’s Organic Vodka Sauce. All organic ingredients, no added sugars (which is very common in cheaper pasta sauces), and no soybean or canola oil. Their vodka sauce uses extra virgin olive oil. Unfortunately, a lot of their other pasta sauces I looked at contained either soybean or canola oil, which I avoid.

Protein Choice

For my meat sauce I added ground lamb. I prefer lamb to beef, but of course this is more expensive as well. I pay about $6.99/lb for ground lamb. I made with the sauce, spaghetti and lamb 4 meals total.

Cost Breakdown

Below is a cost breakdown since food is one of the Big 4 I spend on and 2020 is about balancing budget foods and “clean/healthy” foods:

  • Spaghetti $2.99
  • Vodka Sauce $2.69
  • Lamb $6.99
  • Total $12.67 for 4 meals
  • $3.16 per meal.
  • Substitute with the protein of your choice or leave off.
  • Spices used: Salt, Pepper, Oregano (dried), Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Basil (dried), Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, Cayenne,

No Recipe Needed

You’ll notice I didn’t include an exact recipe. I don’t quite follow recipes exactly. I cook from the heart and consider my cooking a form of art. Each meal is unique and I usually don’t duplicate the exact same way every time. This is why I will probably never own or work in a professional kitchen. So…how do you like your budget spaghetti?

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