2021: A Time To Rest and Rebuild

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The Theme: Rest and Rebuild, The Origin

After recently talking with my partner, I decided that the theme for myself and our relationship would be a time to rest & rebuild.

Resting and Rebuilding to climb up the path to the future


My resting ideas for 2021 are to be more consistent with my meditation goals. Daily meditation for 3 minutes every day. I have an alarm set on my phone to ensure that I do not miss my meditation time.

Family & Leisure

I also plan to schedule more time for family and leisure. I will call my parents more often, at least once every two weeks to check up and see how they are doing.

I will add time to my weekly schedule to binge a few hours of Netflix or play some video games. Not every hour of life has to be optimized for maximum productivity. I will optimize without exhausting myself.

Breaks for Mental Health

I will take breaks as needed. If I feel I need to take a mental health break I will. I will take scheduled breaks during my workday to get sunshine. I will walk daily to enjoy the outdoors and energize myself.

Nightly Routine

I will improve my nighttime routine. Less phone time in the evenings and mornings. I will start preparing for sleep at a consistent time. I will focus on quality sleep.


Morning Routine

I will be consistent in my morning routine. I will continue to stretch in the mornings and drink a bottle of water before my breakfast smoothie. Along with my morning stretches I will exercise at least twice a week.


On the days I’m not exercising I will continue to be consistent with my creative time. I will grow the blog by learning to create higher quality content and by setting goals for my blog and other writings and creative endeavors.

Service to Others

In 2021 I will help others as I am able. I will show more care, compassion and empathy as a personal and a financial enthusiast. Those seeking my help will find comfort in sharing their personal journey with me without fear of judgment.

Financial Rebuilding

I will continue to grow my financial accounts. I will set my Health Savings Account (HSA) to save the maximum allowed through automation. I will increase my emergency savings and can better prepare for a financial emergency based on my past experiences. I will look for opportunities for extra income, with physical labor if possible, to increase my physical activity. The extra income will go toward emergency savings and debt repayment so that my student loan will be paid.

Skill Rebuilding

I will rebuild my skillset in my career to progress through increasing challenges. I will also take time to work on my Excel skill and other skills to apply rebuilding to my work. I will put more pride and effort into my full time and side work in 2021.

How will you use 2021 to rest and rebuild?