Mastermind and Mentorship: The Connection Between the Two

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mastermind and mentorship

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What are a mastermind and mentorship? How are they related?

A mastermind group is a “peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. The concept was coined in 1925 by author Napoleon Hill.” – Wikipedia.

The Fioneers have a wonderful post on how to create your own mastermind group and dive deeper into the nuances of what a mastermind is.

A mentorship is “the influence, guidance, or direction given by someone who influences the personal and professional growth of a mentee.” – Wikipedia

How do I find a mastermind group or mentorship? 

There are several ways. There are groups where you can pay to be in a mastermind group or find a mentor. Join groups on the topics you wish to join in or be mentored in. Talk to friends and network with others. Sometimes you can just ask. I had a mastermind conversation just by speaking up on a Zoom call and saying I was wanting to chat more with everyone. 

What are the benefits of a mastermind group or mentorship? Are they worth paying for?

It depends on your goals. However, finding the right paid opportunity for a mastermind and mentorship could be worth the investment. Before paying, I recommend doing your due diligence. Paying for mastermind groups and mentorship could mean faster results.

My Experiences With Masterminds and Mentorship

I have not paid for mastermind groups or mentorships. I’ve built a few friendships that open a few mastermind conversations and I have asked a couple of people to mentor me. A mentorship came from a friendship with a local financial independence group member. More about this mentorship (and mentorship is in my upcoming book). 

Through friendships, I have come to receive mastermind and mentorship advice. I have tried to incorporate this advice into my daily life through work and writing.

 I mentored my best friend while he was learning to start his first blog and as I was reviving this one. We have mastermind conversations about what we want out of life, our blogs, potential businesses in the future. He mentors me on how to be a better artist and be creative. 

From Mastermind & Mentorship To Authenticity

In my Zoom call, I mentioned earlier, we were talking and I came up with an idea for an article. That article came from discussing what a mastermind is. The conversation also, reflecting back on it, was teaching me how to be authentic rather than original. 

There are very few original ideas in the financial independence community. For some, the redundancy turns them away. However, the way I am choosing to combat the redundancy is by focusing on authenticity. The way I choose to present information, break down complex ideas, and reach new audiences is my brand of originality. Although the concepts I will bring up are the same concepts, I present them in a way to is more engaging to my audience. I hope to encompass how the concepts affect others’ daily lives. 

For example, my friend David from Fiology wrote a wonderful article on mentorship. Although the concept is the same, my book, David’s post, and this post will all present mentorship in a different way. That’s how I hope to bring my originality and create quality content. 

Masterminds And Mentorship In The Financial Independence Community

Many in the financial independence community want to help others and share their experience. I am no exception. You can find coaches on many collaborative sites, (such as Fiology). There is not a shortage.

The community is ripe with mastermind and mentorship possibilities. I’ve asked a few people to be my mentor before and they were grateful I asked. They didn’t have the time. That may happen to you as well. Don’t give up. Authentically network and build friendships. Strive for quality aspects of life. Keep working towards your goals. Opportunities will come in some form. 

Remember masterminds and mentorship aren’t just regulated to personal finance. You can find masterminds and mentorships for becoming an expert at almost anything you can imagine.