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Living an Intentional Life On Your Terms

Relaxing By A Fire

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The power of intentionality, is nothing short of amazing. In my opinion it is the key to happiness. Live an intentional life focused on your core values & beliefs and be happy.

 Almost anything can be seen as negative, an obstacle, nothing ever going according to plan. This line of thinking can lead to a vicious spiral of negativity. A surefire way to remain in a cycle of unhappiness, and unfulfillment. There is always something in life to be grateful and always something to be sad about. Mindset is a powerful control.

I am not advocating that everyone must be happy all the time, that life is always sunshine and rainbows. I am aware of common mental issues, as one with anxiety myself. I advocate seeking professional medical help if necessary. I am simply a fan of reframing a negative perspective and mindset. Again, I understand that anecdotally this works for me, and some but not all. I am not a medical professional nor claim to be.


You most likely have an idea of your core values and beliefs. This post is not about that. It’s about pushing forward to live an intentional life that aligns with your specific core values and beliefs. Are you going to live the life you want, on your terms? This is one of the core values of financial independence.


Of course it does. But not without intention. You can pick up a pile of wood and move it from one area to another. But that pile of wood does not heat a home if the pile is not moved with intention. Wood must be used as a fuel source to make heat. Action without intention is wasted.

How does this apply to a working career? Heard of life being compared to a rat race or hamster wheel?  Living paycheck to paycheck, working to live rather than living to work?

There is a law of diminishing returns however. Being overworked, burning out, sacrificing too much, all are possibilities of being intentional but not being balanced. Work smarter AND harder.


Formerly known as a 2nd part-time or full time job, a side hustle is a skill, service, or sale used outside of a primary means of making income. In simple terms, working a “9-5” career, and a part-time job to pay for a car or other items (or debts, or for savings, etc.) Intentionality is often a great motivator for the side hustle and to delay gratification.


The teenager paying for their first car, the couple saving for their first house, the 30 year old tired of that student loan that’s been dragging around for almost 10 years. Using money from a side hustle to delay gratification, is a tool for long-term success.


Relaxing by the FIRE

The Financial Independence/Retire Early community sets me ablaze (pun intendend). Financial Independence is “the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities. (Wikipedia)

Talk about intentionality. This movement is intentional with a capital I. They work hard and smart, follow minimalist principles, live life on their terms, get off the hamster wheel, and heat the fire (again pun intended). Those looking to becoming financially independent and/or retire early are action-oriented, amazing people. The FI/RE community has learned how to “game the system” (legally and morally) in every way. They lead some amazing and fulfilled lives and teach most anyone how to jump off the hamster wheel and into an adventure.

Adventure, intentionality, core values, financial independence. Are you ready to live life on YOUR terms? What’s stopping you?

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