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Does Resting Increase Creativity and Happiness?

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The Swedish Coffee Break & Social Chat: Fika

Fika, Siesta, Coffee Break, Smoke Break, Nap. Whatever or however you take it, make sure you take it daily. I don’t necessarily condone the smoking part of a smoke break but to each their own.

What is Fika? Fika, I recently learned is a Swedish word for a coffee and pastry break. Not just a coffee and pastry break though. It’s a word for a social break with coffee and pastry included. Fika is so important in Swedish culture it often occurs twice a day even at Volvo.

Siesta/Nap or Fiesta? Both Sound Good to Me

You may have heard of a siesta, or short afternoon nap, in many cultures. Blogger and Twitter friend @apurplelifeblog boasts that naps and rest are the keys to creativity I even posted that in 2021 I would rest to increase my creativity. (For the joke of the heading fiesta translates to party for those unaware).

Return To Office?  Let’s Incorporate Fika

At the office you may already take a quick coffee break, but do you socialize? Do you use it to take an actual break from work? Or do you try to cram in some extra caffeine just to make it through the day? Is the emphasis on break or the coffee?

Would Incorporating Fika Make Employees Happier?

As many companies are starting to return to the office, I think we should adopt the Fika attitude more into American businesses. In my opinion, American bosses are quick to criticize and slow to praise. But what if we incorporated fika into celebrations? What if we held an extra fika when someone in the office gets promoted or achieves a milestone? Or does well in the company and should be celebrated? What if everyone took a break and socialized? Would this incentivize productivity and goal setting? Would this increase business revenue? Would employees feel more excited to reach company goals? Would employees be happier? Is Fika and more rest the reason other countries seem to have higher rates of work satisfaction?

How To Get Paid for Fika

Studenomics gets paid by people for fika. Imagine getting paid to socialize and drink coffee. People could pay you for a fika experience. Instead of paying for expensive coffee, you could have someone pay for your coffee and time.

How can you incorporate resting to increase your happiness and creativity?