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The Bullshit Banana Theory of Earning More Money

Rotten Banana

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Back in 2019 artist Maurizio Cattelan sold an art piece. The piece, titled “The Comedian” sold for $120,000. The piece was a banana duct-taped to a wall. Consequently, this bullshit banana sold for $120,000.

“Some believe the piece is mocking the art world and its inequalities. But others simply say — don’t overthink it.”

Overthinking is something I do naturally. In fact, it was the next thing Miranda (@MMarquit), Michelle (@MichLovesMoney), and I talked about. Don’t overthink it. Just give it a try. Create your own bullshit banana.

Two Different Muscles: Cutting Expenses vs. Earning More Money

 “Paying off debt is a muscle. Earning more money is a muscle.” But they are two completely different muscles. Michelle teaches me how to level up from personal finance enthusiast to expert. The discussion evolves into some creative coaching ideas focusing on my skillset. She gives two or three ideas on products to create and services to offer.

Confidence Grows with Wins

The debt snowball has been passed along to every personal finance blogger and podcaster. If you don’t know the debt snowball, you pay off the smallest amount first. When you pay off the smallest amount, you put your effort and cash flow into the next smallest, and so on. This lasts until all your debt is paid.

Apply the snowball to confidence. Earn money from your first product, course, or service. Your confidence grows with each win. You create more value and/or increase your rates and earn more money. Your confidence grows and you create more value/increase your rates. Grow your snowball.

The Origin of the Bullshit Banana

What is the bullshit banana? The bullshit banana earning your worth. The art piece came up as Michelle was talking about rates. She mentioned a tactic I heard once or twice before. Create content or a service, and then ask your clients to decide their price. Michelle mentioned the average her clients paid for her coaching services. I couldn’t imagine getting that as an hourly rate.

For context, I said I can’t imagine making 25% of that. My day job pays me about 10% of that. Michelle then pointed out that if a banana duct-taped to a wall can earn $120,000, I could earn her hourly rate. Miranda then mentioned something about the art piece. I jokingly wrote bullshit banana on my notepad.

Mastermind Groups and Earning More Money

The best ideas of mine come when I bounce ideas of others. The extra perspective creates a new viewpoint I don’t think of on my own. Ideas like the bullshit banana. “I need a dream team of people to bounce off of, so I have great ideas.” That’s a mastermind group as Miranda eloquently pointed out.

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

Five years ago I created a bullshit banana. I’m three years into a job making twice the amount I made five years ago. Chased promotions that weren’t the right fit. I wasn’t earning my worth. Couldn’t imagine quitting my job and doubling my salary. Realized I was underpaid and on the edge of misery. I mentioned this briefly on my first podcast appearance.

Now in the next 2 years, I need to heed Michelle’s advice. I need to imagine making 25% of her hourly rate. I need to imagine making her entire hourly rate. Take my own advice and create another bullshit banana. Create a product or service that gives me an amount of money I can’t imagine. Change my money-earning mindset. Bullshit banana number one was created. The time has come to create bullshit banana numbers two, three, and so on.

Go create your own bullshit banana. Earn your worth.

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