Just a Few More Types of FI

Back to The Beginning – The Original “FILESTONES” Let’s start with the basics. There were only a few types of FI or milestones when I first started my journey. FatFI (or FatFIRE) and LeanFI or (LeanFIRE). LeanFI, as I first learned (contrary to the new popular definition of roughly $40k per year spend or less), was when your expenses were covered by investments and/or other passive income. On the other end, FatFI was 30 times your expenses (rather than $100K or more per year spending). I first heard these terms from FI180. Why All These Different Types of FI? Before we get into what are the different types, we need to know the why. Know The Why of FI, before introducing others to the pillars or “levers” of FI. We have to help them find their “why.” Everyone’s Why of FI is what leads to a million different types of…

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J Money Multimedia Mogul

If you’ve been following Financial Independence (FI) media for a while, you may know of J Money from Budgets Are Sexy. Now of All-Star Money (by the Motley Fool) fame. All-Star Money was kind enough to feature one of my posts as well. I was first introduced to J when he was on the So Money Podcast hosted by Farnoosh Torabi. The Multimedia Empire Multisite blogger, former podcaster, interviewee, domain names owner and seller, content curator, clothing and merchandise seller, even avid coin collector. J has dipped his hands in many forms of online (and offline) content. His latest interview (at the time of this post, as far as I know) on the FI Show is what inspired this post. Fun fact, the only podcast I was fortunate enough to be interviewed on (again at the time of this writing) was also the FI Show. (Episode here). J’s resume is…

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anxiety and acheivement

The Elementary Years Ever since I can remember I’ve had severe anxiety. Even in Kindergarten, I remember being nervous about meeting my new teacher and the first day of school. But I’ve also always sought out achievement. I can remember after thirty-some years asking in Kindergarten why I never went to preschool. My parents always told me I didn’t go to preschool because I didn’t need it.  The High School Years I remember going to schedule classes for my freshman year. Again I was anxious about starting high school. When I went to schedule my classes I remember being required to sign up for college prep classes. I didn’t want to take college prep classes. I wanted to take the easy route. But this went against my need for achievement I don’t recall much about high school and achievement other than outside of high school, my scouting career, which I…

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