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How Can the Financial Independence Community Assist Low-Income Earners

Assisting Low-Income Earners: The Tweet that started this post

I recently connected with a few FIRE folks on Twitter in an elongated discussion about how to best assist low-income earners. The example stated in the thread was a single mom of 3 making $10.68/hour working 60 hours 6 days per week making a gross income of around $33,000 by @Makerealcents.

@Makerealcents Tweet that started the discussion

Those engaged in the thread agreed that more needs to be done to assist low-income earners, as this is something, I am passionate about. When I started my FI journey I was making about $10.50 plus benefits, working 40 hours a week.

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Paint Pallette

What is Your Artistic Talent? Art by a Non-Artistic Person

I am not an artist.

I cannot draw. Or paint. Or sculpt. Or any other visual medium that involves hand-eye coordination or falls under the typical “art” category. My best friend, however, makes amazing abstract drawings and paintings that people like myself pay to have. For more about abstract art check out this post by Partners In Fire. To increase your drawing skills (abstract and non) check out this other post by Partners In Fire on 101 Fun Things To Draw.

But he introduced me to a book he read The Artist’s Way:

I still have the audiobook on order and haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet. But the main point he made to me was that we all have artistic talent.

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Back to Basics: Basic Personal Finance

Back to the Basics of Personal Finance

In late 2020, I’m going back to Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 1 of basic personal finance. That first step is a $1,000 emergency fund. I have to rebuild the emergency fund. My current recklessness just cost me a couple of hundred dollars. Since I need to build back up that few hundred dollars I thought I would create a basic personal finance post.

Practice, Practice, Practice

 Why? Star athletes practice constantly. Coaches emphasize the importance of fundamentals. I’ve slowly noticed I’ve become a bit arrogant about finances and need a bit of a reality check. Maybe it might help others; maybe it will get other people on board. Let’s just see where it takes us.

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