What is Your Artistic Talent? Art by a Non-Artistic Person

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I am not an artist.

I cannot draw. Or paint. Or sculpt. Or any other visual medium that involves hand-eye coordination or falls under the typical “art” category. My best friend, however, makes amazing abstract drawings and paintings that people like myself pay to have. For more about abstract art check out this post by Partners In Fire. To increase your drawing skills (abstract and non) check out this other post by Partners In Fire on 101 Fun Things To Draw.

But he introduced me to a book he read The Artist’s Way:

I still have the audiobook on order and haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet. But the main point he made to me was that we all have artistic talent.

Finding My Hidden Artistic Talent

I seem to have various small epiphanies during vivid events. I remember that he and I went to an art gallery downtown one Friday night. I remember looking at all the amazing visual art and just being envious of all the talent I saw there.

We stopped at a booth that was owned by someone he was an acquaintance of. The owner then stopped and looked at me (after I opened my beer) and he asked, “Chad, what is your artistic talent?” I paused, confused, and perplexed. Sheepishly I muttered, “I cook. I don’t follow recipes exactly and I make them my own.” “Cool, that’s very cool,” he said.

Cooking just popped into my brain. I love being in the kitchen, sometimes literally tossing ingredients around, dancing like a fool, and making a mess and an ass out of myself. But what really fuels my passion for cooking is when people enjoy what I make. I often get compliments on my food.

Eating with Your Eyes: The Artistic Talent of Food Creativity

I play around some nights with trying out creative plating or watch videos on it. I also love the YouTube series “Binging with Babish” where Andrew Rea takes ideas (and sometimes half-assed recipes) from television and movies and tries to make a reenactment of the food from that screen with as much information is given in the particular show/movie.

Binging with Babish YouTube Trailer

Have you ever watched cooking shows with insane challenges? Masterchef, Top Chef, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, etc.? Those shows where cooks have a short time to create a meal with limited time and resources. There is an artistic beauty of being challenged within those limitations that can amaze some of the top chefs in the world.

Expressing Creativity in Other Ways

I’m learning to enjoy other creative endeavors as I start to progress through life as well. I’ve always felt more comfortable expressing myself through writing rather than talking. I’m not much of a talker. Writing allows me to see my thoughts out loud and refine them as needed. Sometimes my “rough drafts” of thoughts in my head aren’t the best. Sometimes the filter needs cleaning so to speak.

One way I’ve been refining my writing and other endeavors is scheduling time for creativity. I take a two hour block, twice a week, at a minimum and either write, color, doodle (which I just started recently) or some other form of visual creativity. I’ve gotten to a point of coloring where I enjoy my work enough to post it on my wall in my apartment (and my Instagram page at the bottom of the site). Which is especially helpful since my walls are damn near bare and as white as snow.

My Art Is Imperfection Itself

No one is perfect. I’d be hard-pressed to find a professional artist and ask them to show me a perfect piece they’ve done and see if they can actually name one. I could be wrong and coming off incredibly cocky by that, but I’m open to having my mind changed. Even my best friend has even told me he messes up quite often. When I asked him why I never noticed it, he pointed out that shading and coloring in the picture are containing his invisible mistakes.

Surround Yourself with Talent

You may have heard the Jim Rohn quote “You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with” or a similar quote.

Jim Rohn Quote, source on image

My significant other is incredibly crafty. She has bins and boxes and organized shelves of crafting supplies. She also has an amazing photography talent on a level I may never reach trying my hardest.

Her Amazing Instagram Photo

She doesn’t think that crafts and makeup are artistry, but I beg to differ. I enjoy it and if I am the only one of her audience that thinks it is art, then it’s art, right? It’s still art if the creator is the only one enjoying it. Hell, the process can be an art.

My Limited Performing Talents

This entire post only focused on visual arts. I’m a performing artist as well. For those close to me I sing horribly (sometimes karaoke), dance like a fool, and I have a bit of “acting” under my belt. I used to perform Cub Scout and Boy Scout ceremonies when I was younger. I probably have 10 years of experience doing ceremonies. Hell, I can still remember bits and pieces from a few of the ceremonies I did perform. And those that we performed often had 4 specific roles, and I was all 4 of the roles multiple times for multiple ceremonies.

Find Your Talent

I’ve listed out just a few particular artistic talents of mine after deep digging and thinking. What do you think yours are? Have you found yours? Do we share any in common? Is/Are your talent(s) shared with my best friend and significant other? Is writing yours? Feel free to read more of my writings and let me know. Thanks for allowing me to express myself and I wish you to find your talent.

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