Couple Struggling in Trunk of Car

Unexpected Obstacles and Spoiled Life Plans My partner and I have struggled during 2020 and 2021. We have faced obstacles we could never imagine. Long-distance relationships are difficult by themselves. Add in a global pandemic that dampers traveling, a few life plans that fell through, and some overbearing health challenges, and it’s a recipe for struggling.  Our mantra throughout the pandemic has been we will make an extraordinary life from an ordinary income. With the struggles of the past year and a half, this mantra has become extra important. We have both had unexpected obstacles, to say the least. Been forced to expand our creativity and grow outside our comfort zone. Learning new skills has become essential to survival. The Lifesaving Support System Luckily, we have found strength in our support systems. A subset of Personal Finance Twitter, I have dubbed Compassionate Personal Finance. There are so many great people…

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Group around a phone with coffee

The Swedish Coffee Break & Social Chat: Fika Fika, Siesta, Coffee Break, Smoke Break, Nap. Whatever or however you take it, make sure you take it daily. I don’t necessarily condone the smoking part of a smoke break but to each their own. What is Fika? Fika, I recently learned is a Swedish word for a coffee and pastry break. Not just a coffee and pastry break though. It’s a word for a social break with coffee and pastry included. Fika is so important in Swedish culture it often occurs twice a day even at Volvo. Siesta/Nap or Fiesta? Both Sound Good to Me You may have heard of a siesta, or short afternoon nap, in many cultures. Blogger and Twitter friend @apurplelifeblog boasts that naps and rest are the keys to creativity I even posted that in 2021 I would rest to increase my creativity. (For the joke of…

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anxiety and acheivement

The Elementary Years Ever since I can remember I’ve had severe anxiety. Even in Kindergarten, I remember being nervous about meeting my new teacher and the first day of school. But I’ve also always sought out achievement. I can remember after thirty-some years asking in Kindergarten why I never went to preschool. My parents always told me I didn’t go to preschool because I didn’t need it.  The High School Years I remember going to schedule classes for my freshman year. Again I was anxious about starting high school. When I went to schedule my classes I remember being required to sign up for college prep classes. I didn’t want to take college prep classes. I wanted to take the easy route. But this went against my need for achievement I don’t recall much about high school and achievement other than outside of high school, my scouting career, which I…

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