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About Chad

Chad graduated from the Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s in Communication Technology and holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Franklin University in Ohio.

Throughout his high school and scouting careers, Chad found enjoyment in service and coaching. He was a peer tutor in high school as well as held several leadership positions in scouting. Chad obtained the rank of Eagle Scout in 2004.

After obtaining his MBA in 2015, he started to become interested in personal finance. Chad started blogging in late 2016 that tracked his net worth while paying off over $40,000 in consumer debt. During this time he started to become a voice for those in the personal finance space who were new to the concept of FI and personal finance, as well as those who made below the median household income.

In 2018 he switched jobs to increase his income and get out of debt faster. During this switch, he found frugal hobbies like day trips, hiking, urban & rural exploration, photography, home cooking, and personal finance meetups.

In 2022 Chad made the switch to full-time freelance virtual assistant and writer. He has also started to work with members of the Financial Independence community to learn digital content marketing & strategy.